Supposedly I have “too many cookbooks.”

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I read food writing like it’s my job. (When I was a restaurant publicist and later worked for a food education nonprofit, it kind of was.)

This newsletter is my outlet for the way too many opinions I have about the world of food. Every couple of weeks, you’ll get a mix of cookbook reviews and commentary on food writing, chef memoirs, and food media drama. The content will probably not be timely—I already have over 40 cookbooks so there’s a bit of a backlog to get through—but it will be delicious.

Recommendations are all collected on my Bookshop page here. (Bookshop links in my letters are affiliate links, and I receive a small commission if you purchase.)

Find me on Instagram at @yungggarlic , where I also post cooking tutorials in my stories.

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Food culture commentary from a millennial with way too many cookbooks.


Prolific homecook, nonprofit fundraiser, sometimes accidental oral historian with way too many cookbooks and a lot to say about them. Find me on IG at @yungggarlic .